Maddow: Reporting Truth About Trump Is Like a Brain Surgeon ‘Removing Tumors’

By Annabel Scott | June 19, 2017 | 11:41 AM EDT

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow (Screenshot of MSNBC video)

( - In an interview with Rolling Stone, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow compared herself to a surgeon, claiming her reporting is saving Americans from crisis. 

“I am a cheerleader for the American media," Maddow said when discussing Americans’ distrust in the media with Rolling Stone reporter, Janet Reitman. "I feel like the free press is going to be what saves us from the political crisis that we are in.” 

Maddow told Reitman that she believes Trump’s presidency itself is a scandal, suggesting that his victory was made possible by the Russians.

“There's a lot of scandal associated with this new administration. Some of it is like normal political scandal – like Tom Price trading health stocks while he was in a public position to regulate those stocks. That's a bad scandal, but it's kind of normal political corruption,” said Maddow. “Then, there are Trump-specific scandals, like we now have a ruling family where there's a crowned prince who's an adviser without remit, and we've got unqualified nepotistic appointments and conflicts of interest and Trump not disclosing his taxes.

“And then there is this third scandal, which is about the existence of this presidency. That's an existential scandal. If this presidency is knowingly the product of a foreign-intelligence operation, that's not Tom Price trading stocks that he was also affecting the price of as a public official, you know? That is a full-stop national crisis,” she told Reitman. “The scandals of the Trump administration, I'd argue, are the most serious scandals that any president has ever faced, not even just since Nixon.”

Maddow also said she had no feelings on election night, but instead she just wanted to get back on air.

“I had the same shock as everybody, but we had to get back on the air. And that's a very constructive place to be, because my job is to explain what's going on, what's important and whether there are factual and historically analogous things that might help you connect and understand the import of what's happening,” said Maddow. “It's like if you're a surgeon who's removing brain tumors. While you're doing the surgery, do you feel sad for the person having gotten the tumor? No, you're working on taking care of the tumor and fixing it.”

Maddow also used her interview to accuse the Trump administration of lying, saying she doesn’t get “too hung up on what the White House is saying at any moment, because even their most credible people are being put forward to lie, bluntly, regularly.”

Maddow said that although she is a liberal, she finds the Republican Party to be fascinating.

“There is a robust, well-funded, decades-old, super organized, focused, competent conservative movement that exists outside the Republican Party that yanks the party's chain whenever they want to,” Maddow explained. “The Republican Party is like an old burned-out husk of a Ford Pinto that blew up 'cause its gas tank was in the wrong place, but it's attached to a giant jet engine.”

“The Democratic Party is like a Honda Civic. It putters through the world in a predictable way, and you like it or not depending on if you find small, unpowerful things cute,” she continued. “But the Republican Party has this incredible propulsion and no way to steer it.”

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