DNC’s May Fundraising at its Lowest Since 2003

By Annabel Scott | June 21, 2017 | 3:45 PM EDT

DNC Chairman Tom Perez. (YouTube)

(CNSNews.com) -- A report filed by The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on June 20 revealed that the DNC has had its worst fundraising for the month of May since 2003, some 14 years ago.

Records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show that the DNC raised $4.29 million in May 2017; in May 2016, the DNC raised $12.3 million.

Back in May 2003, the DNC raised $2.03 million.

May isn’t the only month that DNC fundraising fell short.

(Photo: U.S. Treasury.) 

Hallie Jackson, an NBC News White House correspondent and anchor for MSNBC,  confronted DNC Chairman Tom Perez today and asked him why the DNC had its worst fundraising for the month of April since 2009.

“The DNC, you’ve talked about doubling the budget from $50 million and $100 million this year, but the DNC had its worst fundraising in April since 2009 -- it just posted,” said Jackson. “Where does the extra $50 million going to come from?”

Perez said, “Well again, I got there on March 1 [as new DNC chairman]. And so I was the first to say, we have a lot of rebuilding to do.”

The DNC raised $438,000 less in May than in April 2017. The political group brought in $4.7 million in April, according to the FEC. 

Here are the May fundraising numbers from the past 15 years:

May 2017: $4.29 Million

May 2016: $12.3 Million

May 2015: $4.5 Million 

May 2014: $8.8 Million

May 2013: $5.9 Million

May 2012: $19.9 Million

May 2011: $10.5 Million

May 2010: $6.6 Million

May 2009: $8.4 Million

May 2008: $4.8 Million

May 2007: $4.9 Million

May 2006: $5.0 Million

May 2005: $4.5 Million

May 2004: $14.8 Million

May 2003: $2.7 Million

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