Real Defense Spending Up 23% Since 2003

By Ali Meyer | November 6, 2013 | 5:34 PM EST

( -- Inflation-adjusted spending by the Department of Defense was 23 percent higher in 2013 than it was a decade earlier in 2003.

In 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq and was simultaneously at war there and in Afghanistan. Since then, under President Barack Obama, the U.S. has ended its military action in Iraq, but escalated its involvement in Afghanistan.

Real Defense Spending Up 23% since 2003 -- Peak of $715.9 Billion in 2010. (Ali Mayer/

Inflation-adjusted Defense Department spending peaked in 2010, when it hit $715,922,140,000 in 2013 dollars, an increase of 58 percent over what it was at the time of the terrorist attacks in 2001.

The total outlays for the Department of Defense in fiscal 2013 were $607,801,000,000, according to the latest monthly treasury statement. After accounting for inflation, the amount of real spending for defense in 2001 was $384,710,380,000 and at the height of the two ongoing Middle East wars in 2003, it rose to $494,862,820,000.

The amount of spending hit its peak in 2010, during President Obama’s second year in office. The same year, Obama announced his plan to end the combat mission in Iraq.

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