Brent Bozell to Conservatives: Be Active in Culture to Influence Politics

By Ali Meyer | December 5, 2014 | 1:46pm EST

( - Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center, said at an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) policy summit at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Washington, D.C., on Thursday that conservatives have “been on the wrong battlefield for 50 years” and that conservatives should be active in the cultural sphere to influence politics.

“We have to realize we’ve been on the wrong battlefield for 50 years,” Bozell said. “Our focus is always on the political, with solutions always on the political. The left hasn’t been fighting us on that battlefield all along. They understood the simple concept that the political is the end game. The battle is the culture. The cultural results in the political. They understand that if you change the culture, the political is going to fall right into place.

“They entered all the cultural arenas,” Bozell said of the Left. “They were in academia. They were in the arts, in movies, in TV, in books, social media, music, everywhere. On every issue, they fought that way. Whether it’s environmentalism, whether it’s taxes, whether it’s any issue they want to promote, they run on the cultural sphere, and the political is the end game.”

“Through them, through these things, they push their vision on environmental stewardship, social justice, human rights, gay rights, abortion rights, governmental responsibility, greed, homophobia and any other phobia real or imaginative,” Bozell said. “And ladies and gentleman, that’s why you have bullseyes on you, because you represent freedom, and freedom is the biggest threat.”

Bozell called on conservatives to become active in the culture to be influential in politics.

“We must enter this arena,” he said. “How so? Enter all the arenas. We must be active in books, in music, in movies, in television, in the arts, everywhere we can change hearts and souls of Americans. And how? What’s our vision?

“Our vision is so simple. Our vision is one of liberty, of true freedom,” Bozell said. “Our vision is one of civic responsibility – we do not believe that government is the answer.  We believe that we are the answer. Therefore, we have to show that we are stewards.  We believe in a virtuous society. We are good people, and America is a good country.

"We believe we are leaders of the free world, and we believe in the basic concept of American exceptionalism. What is American exceptionalism? Ladies and gentleman, American exceptionalism is the gift that was given to every one of you in this room by the blood of millions of Americans who shed it so you can have it, and ladies and gentlemen, it is your sacred duty as it is my sacred duty to give it to your children and to theirs and to theirs and to theirs,” he said.

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