55% of Military Disapproves of How Obama Handles Job as Commander in Chief

By Ali Meyer | January 13, 2015 | 2:30pm EST

(CNSNews.com) -- More than half, or 55 percent, of active-duty troops say they disapprove of the way President Barack Obama is handling his job as commander-in-chief, according to a Military Times poll.

U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan. (AP)

The Military Times’ report on America’s military, “A Force Adrift: How the Nation is Failing Its Troops and Veterans,” was built upon a survey of almost 2,300 active-duty troops and includes “first-hand accounts from soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.”

Military Times asked active-duty service members, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way President Obama is handling his job as commander in chief?” 55 percent of active-duty personnel said they “disapprove” while only 15 percent said they “approve.”

Similarly, Obama’s popularity fell from 35 percent in 2009 to just 15 percent this year among active-duty soldiers.

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“Morale in the military is swiftly sinking, with the troops losing both their sense of mission and their faith that their superiors, political leaders – and the nation – still have their best interest at heart,” said the Military Times. “Troops say morale has sharply declined over the last five years, and most of those in uniform today believe their quality of life will only get worse.”

For example, according to the Military Times survey, in 2009, 91 percent of active-duty service members said their overall quality of life was good or excellent. In 2014, that percentage declined significantly to 56 percent.

“When nearly every category surveyed reveals a significant dip from 2009 to today, we must all take notice and ask, why is morale so low and what can we do to fix it?” said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in response to the Military Times survey. McCain added that it “requires immediate attention and action” by the White House, Pentagon and Congress.

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