Latest WH Fence Jumper Sparks Torrent of Twitter Reaction

By Monica Sanchez | October 23, 2014 | 9:54am EDT

Yesterday, a man scaled the White House fence and was taken into custody by Secret Service after making it 30 yards and kicking a police dog.

As to be expected, Twitter blew up last night with commentary, pictures, and video detailing the event. Even celebrities like actor Jeff Wild and Emmy-winning correspondent Luke Russert had something to say, with reactions ranging from flip to furious.

According to CNN, the man has been identified as Dominic Adesanya, 23, of Bel Air, Maryland, whom, his father claimed, suffers from mental problems. He was reportedly arrested near the White House about two months ago and charged with a misdemeanor for making a scene.

"He was at the gate, fussing at the people, wanting to talk to the President to tell the President about his situation," his father said.

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said Adesanya has been charged with two counts of felony assault on a police officer for harming the police dogs, four counts of resisting and unlawful entry, and one count of making threats, CNN reported.

The incident came about just weeks after another fence-jumper armed with a knife managed to bypass Secret Service and enter the mansion before being apprehended and taken into custody.

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