Venezuela Socialist Party Prays: ‘Our Chavez, Who Art in Heaven…Lead Us Not Into Capitalism’

Michael W. Chapman
By Michael W. Chapman | September 12, 2014 | 3:56 PM EDT

A photograph of Venezuela's former President Hugo Chavez, left, flanks one of Jesus Christ, held by a Chavez supporter at a rally in Caracas, Venezuela. The connections between Chavez and Jesus have spread, having begun with Chavez himself praying to God on television in 2013, and repeatedly kissing a crucifix. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

( -- Venezuela’s Socialist President Hugo Chavez, who ruled for 14 years before dying of cancer in 2013, is so highly venerated by his followers that a leader with the Venezuela Socialist Party ended a party conference recently by praying a rewritten, Chavez-anti-capitalist-laced version of the “Our Father.”

Catholic Church leaders in Venezuela said the “Our Father” Chavez prayer was idolatrous.

In leading “The Delegate’s Prayer,” as reported by RT and Catholic News Agency, Socialist Party representative Maria Uribe said to conference attendees on Sept. 1, “Our Chavez, who art in Heaven, the Earth, the sea, and we, delegates, hallowed be thy name. Thy legacy come, so we can spread it to people here and elsewhere. Give us this day light and guide us.”

“Lead us not into the temptation of capitalism; deliver us from the evil of oligarchy, like the crime of contraband, because ours is the homeland, peace, and life. Forever and ever. Amen. Viva Chavez!”

Catholic Church officials in Venezuela were not enthused about the praying of an adulterated version of the Christian “Our Father” prayer.

In this July 21, 2006 file photo, Venezuela's then-President Hugo Chavez, left, gestures as Cuba's dictator Fidel Castro looks on during an event in Cordoba, Argentina. (AP Photo/Roberto Candia, File)

Archbishop of Caracas Cardinal Jorge Urosa said, “Whoever says this new and inappropriate version of the Our Father adhering to the literal text is committing the sin of idolatry, by attributing to a human person qualities and actions that are proper to God.”

Such idolization of Chavez is standard practice for Marxists. Projecting the image of a leader with God-like powers, who could create a new world, and fostering a cult of personality has been practiced in every Marxist regime, including with Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union, in Mao’s China, in North Korea, Castro’s Cuba, Ho chi Minh in Vietnam, Pol Pot in Cambodia, and in other nations.

The USSR went so far in trying to deify its Marxist leaders that it artificially preserved their dead bodies and put them on public display – for decades – in imitation of the Catholic and Orthodox churches honoring of certain saints.

Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman

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