Britain: Muslim Kids Outnumber Christian Kids in 2nd Largest City

Michael W. Chapman
By Michael W. Chapman | September 17, 2014 | 5:55 PM EDT

Muslim children outnumber Christian children in Birmingham*, the second largest city in Britain, according to an analysis of the 2011 Census data, and the same holds true for the 10th largest city, Bradford, three sections of London, and in Leicester, the 12 largest city.

Muslim boys studying. (AP)

A Sept. 15 report in the Daily Mail on the “changing face of Britain,” shows that in Birmingham, the second largest city in England by population, there are 93,828 children registered as Christian and 97,099 registered as Muslim, out of a total child population (age 18 and under) of 278,623.

The balance of children in Birmingham, 87,696, are registered under other faiths, such as Hinduism or Judaism, or none, according to the Census data. For the adults in Birmingham, 413,474 are registered as Christian and 148,145 are registered as Muslim, out of a total adult population of 828,363.

In Bradford, the 10th largest city in England by population, the breakdown is as follows:

Christian children: 47,144

Muslim children: 52,135

That’s out of a total 114,514 children in Bradford.


For Leicester, the 12th largest city in England by population, the numbers show:

Christian children: 18,190

Muslim children: 22,693

That’s out of a total 79,139 children.

Muslim children studying. (AP)

Then there are various sections of London, the largest city by population in England:

Tower Hamlets (East London)

Christian children: 8,995

Muslim children: 34,597

That’s out of a total 56,090 children, meaning that 56% of them are Muslim.


Redbridge (North-East London)

Christian children: 21,500

Muslim children: 24,216

That’s out of a total 72,244 children.


Newham (East London)

Christian children: 27,769

Muslim children: 34,041

Those numbers are out of a total 79,658 children in Newham.

Prof. Ted Cantle, with the ICoCo Foundaiton, which seeks to foster community cohesion, told the Daily Mail: “‘What we are seeing are several trends running together. There is a long-term decline in support for the established religions, notably Christianity; continuing immigration from the Asian sub-continent; and higher fertility among the Muslim population, which has a considerably lower age profile.”

The British flag. (AP)

“There is also deepening segregation exacerbated by the loss of white population from cities and more intensive concentration of black and minority ethnic groups as a result of replacement,” said Cantle.

“This is the real problem, as residential segregation is generally compounded by school and social segregation.”

*The Daily Mail, Sept. 15, 2014, denotes Birmingham as England’s “second city” but some estimates rank Birmingham as the third largest city by population, below Manchester and London.

Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman
Michael W. Chapman

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