Mark Levin’s Thoughts on Peter Wehner: ‘Clueless’

By Michael Morris | November 4, 2014 | 5:00pm EST

Nationally syndicated radio host, Mark Levin, called out Peter Wehner today on both Twitter and Facebook.

Peter Wehner, in his blog titled “What Reagan Understood That Some

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Reaganites Do Not,” defends James Baker’s attack on Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel, while insisting that Reagan “like[d]” and “trusted” Mr. Baker, “to the point that he made Mr. Baker his chief of staff in his first term and secretary of the Treasury in his second.”

However, Mark Levin, having been a part of the Reagan administration, seems to think otherwise.

Here is what he had to say in a recent Facebook Note:

“Jim Baker smears Netanyahu on Sunday and on Tuesday Pete Wehner uses the occasion to praise him, lecture Reaganites, and preach pragmatism.  Clueless.”

But just what did Peter Wehner include in his blog on The Wall Street Journal? Wehner referred to Levin’s “tweet linking to an article in The Hill,” wherein “Levin wrote: ‘I never liked James Baker, and neither did most of the original Reaganites.’”

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“Many on the right didn’t like or trust Mr. Baker, who after all worked for his friend George H.W. Bush when Mr. Bush challenged Ronald Reagan in 1980,” writes Wehner.  That apparently includes Levin, who said “Baker is bad news, and he proved it on CNN’s State of the Union over the weekend.” Baker “went out of his way to trash Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel and pile on with Barack Obama and the rest of them,” said Levin.

Wehner, later in his piece, called James Baker a “hard-headed pragmatis[t]” suggesting that “different people bring different strengths to different jobs,” and “people of different views and worlds can compliment [sic] each other in an administration.” And Reagan knew that Baker’s differences would bring his presidency “great success.”

Of course, Levin didn’t let this praise for Baker go unanswered. Later in the day, Levin tweeted the following:

“More on Pete Wehner’s ideal pragmatist James Baker, who once reportedly declared ‘f*ck the Jews.’ …

It’s “[t]oo bad Wehner didn’t include my other comments about Baker’s contempt for Israel,” joked Levin, but just in case you missed them, you can read and listen to them here.

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