WH: Number of Young Obamacare Enrollees 'Not Available,' 'There's Not Some Magic Number'

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | January 6, 2014 | 4:53 PM EST

Katie Pavlich at Townhall had an amusing post today about White House Press Secretary Jay Carney telling the press today that he doesn't know how many young people have enrolled in Obamacare.

It's odd, given that youth participation is a cornerstone of the program. And a necessity for it to somewhat function. I say "somewhat" because nothing says a big government, liberal program better than mandatory enrollment.

Pavlich writes:

"We don't have the data to provide, we don't have data that is ready to be released,' Carney said. 'Demographic data is not available.' The Obamacare exchanges launched on October 1, more than three months ago and this data is still 'unavailable."

She goes on to note that Carney now says that it's the "mix," not the quantity, of enrollees that matters:

"Carney said the 'mix' of ages of Obamacare enrollees is more important than the number of enrollees by March 1."

"A good mix is important, that includes young Americans. There are obviously campaigns underway to reach these people,' Carney said. 'There's not some magic number."

Yeah, talk about moving the goal post and downplaying expectations after's meltdown last fall.  The real question is: what would our health care system be like right now if the Obama administration had gone organic, a la the free market, when reforms were being hashed out three years ago?

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