Video: Veterans Call for Firings, Funding at VA

By Matt Vespa | June 12, 2014 | 3:20pm EDT

On the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, MRCTV's Dan Joseph interviewed veterans to get their opinions about the fiasco engulfing Veterans Affairs over their alleged malfeasance over medical appointments, false record-keeping, and secret wait lists that have resulted in fatalities.

The interim IG report labeled the problem as "systemic."

One veteran, who spends his winters in Florida, went to a VA hospital and said he "didn't have a very pleasant experience;" he was denied treatment. Another said they have a problem with "the quality of the employees there [at the VA]."

In fact, with the exception of one disabled veteran, who said he was being treated well by VA health facilities, almost everyone interviewed noted that changes needed to be made, and that they really weren't happy with how Veterans Affairs is operating in its current form.

When asked what needs to be done, a rather vocal veteran said they needed to "find the people that are responsible and fire them."

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