Utah Gun Maker Rejects $15M Opportunity to Supply Guns to Pakistan

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | January 6, 2014 | 2:58 PM EST

So, what would you say if a quasi-failed state was willing to pay you $15 million to manufacture precision rifles for its military? I'm hoping you would turn them down, especially when this quasi-failed state is Pakistan.

The chances of those rifles falling into enemy hands to be used to cut down American forces is just too great - and, that's why one Utah-based gun manufacturer said, "Thanks, but, no thanks" to the multi-million dollar bonanza.

AP explains:

"Mike Davis, sales manager at Desert Tech, said the company was on a short list for a contract with Pakistan, but spurned the opportunity because of unrest in Pakistan and ethical concerns. It was a difficult decision because of the amount of money involved, he said, and the sale of rifles to Pakistan would have been legal.

"We don't know that those guns would've went somewhere bad, but with the unrest we just ended up not feeling right about it," Davis told KTVX-TV. The company, based in the Salt Lake City suburb of West Valley City, was founded in 2007 on the principle of keeping America and its allies safe, he added."

"The rifles can change caliber within minutes and have the capacity to shoot as far as 3,000 yards."

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