RNC Rejects MSNBC's Tweeted Apology: Phil Griffin Must 'Take Responsibility for His Network'

By Matt Vespa | January 30, 2014 | 3:23pm EST

The RNC called a media boycott of MSNBC after the network posted a tweet saying right-wing Americans hate a new Cheerios commercial featuring a bi-racial family. MSNBC, subsequently, tweeted an apology - but, is it enough?

As a result of the offensive tweet, Republican National Committe Chairman Reince Preibus issued a boycott of the network this morning, barring any RNC staff from appearing on the network until MSNBC President Phil Griffin continues to honor his network's tradition and apologize.

RNC Spokesman Raffi Williams told

Surely, when Phil Griffin took over MSNBC, his goal wasn't to oversee a network that consistently insults and demeans Americans. That is why we have called on him to apologize and take internal corrective actions that will halt the escalating trend of insulting rhetoric coming from his network.

When asked if executive editor's Richard Wolffe's apology via Twitter was satisfactory enough to lift the RNC's boycott, Williams said:

Phil Griffin is the head of MSNBC and the buck stops with him. There have been too many of these incidents on too many of his shows and it's time for him to take responsibility for his network and apologize.


Does anyone remember that amazing Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family?  Yes, there were some people that were oddly caught off guard by it, but the good news is that it's being resurrected for the Super Bowl.  The problem: MSNBC decided to use it to smear conservatives as racist.

The blog post about this commercial has also been edited, as former Rep. Joe Walsh pointed out.

In short, MSNBC needs to find a new social media manager because whoever is running their Twitter account is an abject disgrace.

Now, MSNBC has deleted the tweet and apologized, but here's the screenshot of the egregious offense.

MSNBC's executive editor Richard Wolffe also tweeted "The Cheerios tweet from @msnbc was dumb, offensive and we've taken it down. That's not who we are at msnbc."

Wolffe says "that's not who we are at MSNBC," but  there seems to be a lack of self-awareness at this network that has made a living off of boosting the blood pressure of its liberal base to unhealthy levels:

In the end, Bashir resigned, Harris-Perry apologized, Baldwin got cancelled, and Schultz apologized and then took a week long suspension.   So, what is going on over there at MSNBC?

Even the Washington Post's Erik Wemple wrote today that "the string of offenses raises doubts about Wolffe's claim that the tweet from last night doesn't reflect 'who we are at msnbc.' Rather, the tweet appears to a careful observer to define precisely what MSNBC is becoming: A place that offends and apologizes with equal vigor."

Yeah, that's a great way of building a brand.

Editor's Update: Phil Griffin has, reportedly, issued a personal and public apology stating that the employee responsible for the tweet has been dismissed.


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