Protesters: Keystone Will 'Amount to Genocide,' Pollute ALL Water Sources, Soil

Matt Vespa | April 24, 2014 | 11:04am EDT
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On Tuesday, MRCTV's Dan Joseph infiltrated the anti-Keystone Pipeline rally outside Capitol Hill. Environmentalists and Native Americans banded together for this protest, but MRCTV was there to ask these people why they were there and what their future plans are to combat American energy independence.

One protester claimed that the Keystone Pipeline will pollute ALL of our water sources and soil.

Another protestor of Native American descent said that the most important thing for him is that genocide has been waged against his people for over 500 years.

MRCTV asked the man if the Keystone Pipeline is comparable to genocide.  He said, "It could very well amount to genocide."  "I mean, you're saying basically the people building the Keystone Pipeline are tantamount to Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin," said Joseph. "You could say that," the man added. "I would agree with that easily."

Still, the State Department made no major environmental objections to the seven billion dollar Keystone project.  Additionally, 65% of Americans support the construction of the pipeline (via the Washington Post):

Several poll participants interviewed this week said they are convinced the pipeline represents the safest way to transport the oil the United States needs from a reliable ally, Canada. But a liberal minority - most of whom strongly support the president - said it will deepen the country's dependence on fossil fuels and exacerbate climate change.

Uh, what dependence on fossil fuels?  Technically, we're already energy independent.

At current rates of consumption, the U.S. has enough oil for 200 years, enough natural gas for 120 years, and enough coal for 460 years.  What's more, with new technological advancements, the United States could have enough natural gas for 580 years, enough oil for 530 years, and 9,800 years' worth of energy from coal.

Lastly, the construction of the Keystone Pipeline amounts to a .04% increase in America's pipeline infrastructure.  The country already has 2.3 million miles of pipeline transporting oil and gas, so what's your argument, anti-Keystoners? Also, air quality couldn't be better according to the EPA.

I hope you all had a Happy Earth Day.

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