Poll Ranks New York Nation's Most Arrogant State - But, Why?

By Matt Vespa | August 22, 2013 | 2:22pm EDT

While some New Yorkers may have you believe the Empire State is the center of the known world, a new poll shows it's considered the rudest, most arrogant state in the union.

Granted, this was an out-of-state poll conducted by Business Insider but found that "39 percent of those polled felt New York was the most arrogant state and 44 percent felt it was the rudest." But, in some ways, there's nothing to be proud about New York as of late.

True, New York the home of the Yankees, Giants, Jets, Mets, and Rangers etc. - great names in professional sports. But, it's not whether you win or lose at sports - it's how you play the game of life.

First, New York is arguably the abortion capital of the United States, boasting some of the most lax laws and ranking second in both raw numbers and rate of abortions.  Being a resident of a baby-killing state isn't necessarily a crowning achievement.

Second, 80% of New York City high school graduates in 2012 entering CUNY (community college) needed to re-learn basic skills of writing, reading, and math.

Third, New York politics have been a laughing stock of the country, lately.  It has an ex-governor, with a proclivity for prostitutes, running for NYC comptroller and an ex-congressman who liked to send pictures of his manhood to younger women running for mayor.

Given its record on abortion, politics, and education, it seems the Empire State should be anything, but arrogant - or rude.

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