Oregon's Healthcare Exchange Blew $303 Million of Taxpayer Money

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | April 26, 2014 | 6:58 PM EDT

If there's any story that shows the abject failure of Obamacare, it's Oregon's.  The state exchange is in shambles. There are allegations of fraud committed by the project managers. The state accidentally enrolled nearly 4,000 illegal aliens for full Obamacare benefits, which is contrary to federal law.

And, now, they've thrown in the towel and called it quits.

So, what's the damage to the taxpayer?  Is the website fixed? It appears that the cost amounts to $303 million dollars - and the website has yet to enroll a single person into the exchange (Via

Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber promised to lead the nation on ObamaCare and he did-from behind. The worst-in-America launch collapsed even harder than The exchange website known as Cover Oregon still hasn't enrolled one person, and the state has spent about $7 million signing up merely 69,000 people manually using paper applications.

An internal audit ordered by Mr. Kitzhaber concludes that Cover Oregon's architects were doomed by multi-agency bureaucratic confusion with no quality control or accountability for results. Investigators at the KATU news station uncovered evidence suggesting that Cover Oregon officials created a fake website to create the illusion of progress for the feds, who made ObamaCare grants that totaled $303 million.

An advisory panel voted for the state to revert to the federal exchange, though White House officials leaked to the Washington Post GHC -0.02% that they were already planning to annex the exchange.

Yeah, it looks like Cover Oregon is a failure - and a fairly expensive one at that.

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