Gun Control Activist Prompts School Lockdown, Arrested on Firearms Charge

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | February 10, 2014 | 3:56 PM EST

Here's a tip: before you launch an advocacy campaign for stricter gun laws, make sure you actually follow the laws already on the books.  It's simple, right? Well, for one gun control advocate, that strain of common sense didn't percolate, as he was arrested for bringing a firearm onto school grounds.

Dwayne Ferguson has been a long advocate of nonviolence and peace in Buffalo, New York.  He's a supporter of Gov. Cuomo's SAFE Act. New York's latest anti-gun law enacted last year - which made it a felony to carry a gun on school grounds. Sadly, he's now looking at four years in prison on two counts of felony possession of a firearm for doing just that.

Ferguson was at a school within the Buffalo School District as part of a mentoring program when the facility went into lockdown last Thursday upon news that someone had entered the building with a firearm.  That someone was Mr. Ferguson.

As The Buffalo News reported on February 7:

The school received the call about 4:15 p.m. notifying staff that someone had entered the school with a gun. Brown and Brinkworth said it is not yet clear who placed the call. Around that time, 911 received two calls about the incident, prompting the school to go into lockdown and touching off a search of the building by police and SWAT team responders.

The initial search of the building turned up nothing, Brinkworth said.

It was not until police were patting down students so they could evacuate the school that they found the gun on Ferguson, Brinkworth said.

Ferguson was wearing it in a holster, and at no time during the lockdown did he notify police that he was carrying a weapon.

While Ferguson has a permit to carry a gun, which he often does on a daily basis, it makes no difference.

So, we have another person advocating for the erosion of our Second Amendment rights, who has been arrested for a gun violation.  This is the definition of ironic.  It brings back memories of James Schiliro, anti-gun mayor in Pennsylvania, who was sentenced up to 20 months in prison for a gun-related crime.

At the same time, it should start a debate about the fecklessness and irrationality of gun-free zones, especially at schools, where criminals know that most of the people inside will be unarmed.  After all, if a shooter was present, Ferguson would've been able to help officers and keep his students safe.  He did escort about 50 of them to the cafeteria and secured the doors when the lockdown he unknowingly started was issued.

Buffalo News added:

The more they make these gun-free zones, the more they make people vulnerable to mass killers like at Columbine and Sandy Hook,' said Stephen J. Aldstadt, a Colden resident who serves as president of the state Shooters Committee on Political Education.

Some of Ferguson's supporters echoed similar criticism, saying that carrying a weapon meant Ferguson could have helped police in the event there was a gunman actually threatening students.

But, in the liberal mindset only the police can be trusted.  After all, it's not like they're going to shoot anyone, say at a movie theater, right?

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