Female 'March for Life' Attendees Explain the Real 'War on Women'

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | January 24, 2014 | 1:37 PM EST

January 22 was the annual March for Life rally in Washington D.C. Thousands of pro-life Americans braved the cold to show their support for the rights of the unborn.  MRCTV's Dan Joseph also braved the cold to ask these activists, specifically the many young women in attendance, about their views on life issues and how they feel about the so-called "War on Women."

Joseph was able to catch up with Lila Rose, President of Live Action, who said the reason many young people participate in the march is because "It's the greatest human rights movement of our day. And young people are passionate about injustice. And this matters because the dismemberment, the poisoning, the killing of the child in the womb makes us upset."

When asked about how one would respond to the typical war-on-women rhetoric, one pro-life young woman said, "Yeah, it is women's rights. You're a woman and it is your body, but you have to take into consideration there's another body inside of you. And it's not just your body that you're dealing with."

Rose also mentioned that "If we don't engage the war-on-women rhetoric, and talk about what's really the war on women, what's happening to women when they go into an abortion clinic, feeling powerless, not powerful. I mean, this whole system is rigged against women."

The march wasn't without confrontation.  Around 20 pro-abortion activists gathered near the Supreme Court to voice their opinions.  A pro-life activist MRCTV interviewed said that a man told her to go home.  Well, in a liberal bastion, like Washington D.C., I guess that shouldn't be a surprise.

Nonetheless, the pro-life movement has made monumental gains in the fight to protect innocent life.  The Guttmacher Institute, which isn't a friend of the pro-life movement, noted that more restrictions on abortion were enacted between 2011-2013 than in the entire previous decade.  And, a new Marist poll found that "74% of Americans favor a ban on abortions after 20 weeks except to save the life of the mother," and "more than 6 in 10 (62 percent) think abortion is morally wrong."

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