Ala. Dem: Clarence Thomas Is an 'Uncle Tom,' But I Don't Mind His Bi-Racial Marriage

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | February 13, 2014 | 9:45 AM EST

A Democrat Alabama state representative says the real reason he doesn't like Clarence Thomas is that the Supreme Court justice is an "Uncle Tom" - not because he's in a bi-racial marriage.

Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas noted how he's been treated worse by Northeastern liberals than those in the pre-civil rights era south. "The worst I have been treated was by northern liberal elites. The absolute worst I have ever been treated," Thomas said at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. "The worst things that have been done to me, the worst things that have been said about me, by northern liberal elites, not by the people of Savannah, Georgia."

Given how black conservatives are treated by their more liberal colleagues, it's not a surprising statement.  Yet, what Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes said today on the House floor probably just put those Northern liberal elites to shame.

What did Rep. Holmes say? Well, it was first reported that he doesn't like Justice Thomas because "he's married to a white woman."  As a result, other conservative news sites took this statement and ran with it hereherehere, and here.  And why shouldn't we? After all, the sting from the outrageous smear MSNBC hurled at conservatives - insinuating that they hate biracial families - is still fresh.

Yet, contacted Mary Sell of the Decatur Daily, who tweeted the remarks, and she said that "Holmes later said that what he said was that he didn't like Thomas NOT because he's married to a white woman, but because he's an Uncle Tom."   Her later tweet clarified the discrepancy.

Holmes relayed this remark to Tim Lockette of the Anniston Star that his statements on Justice Thomas were misinterpreted and that he supports interracial marriage. But, he again called Justice Thomas an "Uncle Tom."

That's Holmes' defense?

That's like someone saying they support gay-marriage, but can't stand queers. reached out to State Rep. Alvin Holmes' office, which has not returned our calls or emailed inquiries.

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