Christian School's Staff Threatened With Violence Over Letter to Student's Grandparents

By Kristine Marsh | April 2, 2014 | 4:05pm EDT

Remember all the death threats, vandalism, slander and angry protests Proposition 8 supporters received back in 2008? Or how about a certain CEO who is just now being attacked by the media and the Left about a donation he made five years ago?

You also might remember how the media hardly were neutral on the issue at the time, and even celebrated the law being overturned this past July.

Well it's happening again, but this time, it's a Christian school receiving the violent threats and angry phone calls.

Last week, eight year-old Sunnie Kahle's great-grandparents told a local ABC news station that a letter they received from their great-granddaughter's school, Timberlake Christian School, warned them to deal with Sunnie's boy-ish appearance and behavior.

Sunnie Kahle

From there a firestorm of negative attention came at Timberlake Christian from the national and international media outlets. The school has had to request county deputies outside the school to protect its students and staff members, because of the overwhelming amount of violent threats, angry phone calls and emails the school has received since the story broke.

But Sunnie's tomboy appearance is "not at all" the problem, according to Liberty Counsel, a Christian non-profit litigation organization, which is representing the school.

Bryan Ferrell, the pastor of Timberlake Baptist Church which is located on the school's campus, sent a letter home to parents addressing their concerns over how this case has been portrayed by the media:

"It would be impossible to watch this story and not feel anger towards TCS if the school had expelled the child because of a haircut or tomboy appearance. But nothing could be further from the truth. There are real biblical issues at stake in this situation on which we had to act."

Liberty Counsel also said in a statement released March 26 that "The Church and the School are limited in what can be related about this situation. With all due respect, the facts are not as S.K.'s great-grandparents have portrayed them." Liberty Counsel's Mat Stave told CBS News that "confidentiality laws prevented him from being more specific" in what happened.

They went on to say:

"This matter is far beyond a simple 'hairstyle and tomboy issue' as inaccurately portrayed. It is not about that at all. At no time did the Church or the School state or imply that S.K. was sexually immoral or the like. Yet, reports like this have appeared in the media. The School has never told S.K. she cannot return to school."

Clearly, there's more behind-the-scenes than Liberty Counsel or Timberlake Christian School can reveal. That doesn't mean anti-Christian liberals and gay activists won't jump on the judgment bandwagon anyway.

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