While Picking Up $2,000 Order, Man Has Car Attacked by Doughnut Shop Employee

Kelly Lawyer
By Kelly Lawyer | July 31, 2014 | 4:25 PM EDT

Luke Copeland went to Voodoo Doughnuts (Portland, OR) on Saturday to pick up his $2,000 order-what he got was two extra doughnuts smashed on his car.  According to Copeland, he came out of the store to find an employee smashing doughnuts on his windshield informing him he wasn't in a parking space.

"I walked in to grab the manager and when I came out I noticed someone putting two big doughnuts underneath my windshield wipers," Copeland told local station KGW. "He basically told me I was not in a parking spot and that was his way of paying him back."

Copeland claims a Voodoo store employee told him to park in the spot earlier in the day because of the size of his order.  After the incident, Copeland went back inside the store and complained, but didn't receive a satisfactory response from store employees.

Since then the problem has been rectified: Voodoo store manager, David Drexler, sent a message to Copeland, apologizing for his employee's actions in a uniquely worded, down-to-earth response,

"I'm writing to apologize for my employee's attack on your car this Saturday.  As a shop manager, I do my best not to hire morons, but in this case I failed. Needless to say, I fired the employee."

In addition, Copeland will receive a dozen free doughnuts every month for a year-a tasty consolation.

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