Mark Levin: 'Horrific Third-World Diseases are Being Imported' Due to Obama's Immigration Policy

Katherine Rodriguez | October 2, 2014 | 4:53pm EDT
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Mark Levin ripped into the dangers of President Obama's weak stance on immigration when news of the first CDC-confirmed case of Ebola virus in the U.S. broke on his show.

Levin said that the country is "going backwards" because the Obama Administration's weak stance on immigration opens the door not just to illegal immigrants, but to illnesses from third-world countries:

"This country is going backwards and not slowly, but fast.  These horrific third-world diseases and illnesses being imported into this country because of the political policies of this administration which opens the door wide to people from the poorest parts of the world.  We don't know who they are, we don't know if they have diseases."

CDC director Dr. Thomas Friedan, however, "remains confident" that the United States can contain Ebola.

Dr. Friedan said in a news conference today that "only a handful" of people who came into contact with the Ebola patient from Dallas had been exposed to the disease.

Levin, on the other hand, was not so confident in Dr. Friedan's prediction.

"I wanna know how this director of the CDC can tell us that Ebola will stop here when our borders are not secure," Levin said.

But, he is confident that the United States has the power to contain illegal immigration.

"Sovereign states have the power to determine which immigrants they should take and which ones they shouldn't take," Levin said.

"But, when you have illegal immigration or wide open points of entry- its impossible to know."


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