Congress: Just Like You...Except When It Comes To ObamaCare

Jeffrey Meyer | September 17, 2013 | 6:24pm EDT
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Members of Congress love to remind their constituents that they are just like us because they like beer, music and greasy food. Thankfully, the folks at Bankrupting America, a project of the organization Public Notice, have exposed the congressional myth in a new online ad titled "Inconvenient."

In a short thirty-second animated ad, consisting of nothing more than stick figures, Public Notice mocks how members of Congress have exempted themselves from the burdens of ObamaCare while pretending to be just like their constituents.

"After realizing how much the new health care law would cost them, Congress pushed for special rules protecting themselves from higher prices yet leaving average Americans without any similar help," the ad proclaims before ending with the on-air graphic "Congress: They're just like you. Unless it's inconvenient."

"We elected our leaders in Washington to represent us and our best interests, but right now it appears they're only concerned about their own pocketbooks. Americans will pay the price for this ill-conceived law and deserve to know whether their representatives will as well," Public Notice Executive Director Gretchen Hamel argued.

While only thirty seconds, this ad shows that, when it comes to laws that hurt them, Congress seems perfectly content escaping its own wrath while inflicting maximum pain on the American people.

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