Anti-Gun Group Runs Ad With Target On Child’s Chest

Jeffrey Meyer
By Jeffrey Meyer | August 29, 2013 | 12:26 PM EDT

The lengths to which gun-control groups will go to push their agenda seem to have no limits. Take the latest “Public Service Announcement” by the gals at Moms Demand Action (MDA), in which a young child is portrayed as a perpetual target of gun violence. The ad, released online on August 28, portrays a typical family waking up and getting ready for the day with one caveat; their young son has a target painted across his chest.

The young boy, who looks no older than 6 years old, is seen waking up and getting ready for school with the help of his mother. First he puts on a shirt with a target printed on it and goes about his daily routine before school.

As he leaves for school, the boy’s mother is seen putting a jacket on her son with another target printed across the front. Not to be outdone, the mother straps a bulletproof vest on her son and sends him off to school as if nothing unusual has happened.

The ad ends with an on-screen graphic asking, “Is this the new school uniform?” hoping to cause outrage from mothers across the country.

Yes, parents should feel outraged, not over the question being asked, but by Moms Demand Action’s callous decision to use children as props to push their gun-control agenda. While the Huffington Post’s review of the ad tries to play the role of moderator between gun control and gun rights activists, the real answer to protecting our kids is not greater gun control.

Aside from the fact that kids are consistently brought on stage as political props, this ad does nothing to address the real problem with gun violence in this country; a lack of enforcement of existing gun laws and preventing those with mental illness from accessing guns.

Of all the recent examples of mass shootings; Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Aurora movie theater, all had one thing in common; the shooter had a history of mental illness. Despite this consistent fact, Moms Demand Action would want you to believe the problem is the gun, and would rather demonize the NRA and companies like Wal-Mart than address the real problem with gun violence in America.   

Instead, MDA wants parents to constantly be afraid that their children are the target of gun violence and need to be in a constant state of vigilance. Greater gun control would not have stopped the mass shootings listed above, but strengthening our mental health system and enforcement of current gun laws would have assisted in getting these men medical help before they turned violent.

Unfortunately, MDA doesn’t want to have a real conversation about gun violence but rather incite fear and anger directed at gun rights groups to deflect from the real problem that exists in America.

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