Meteorologist Tells Hannity Global Warmists 'Are Meteorological Know-Nothings'

By James Beattie | January 8, 2014 | 10:38am EST

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi told Sean Hannity that those who promote global warming theory are are "meteorological know-nothings" - and he's tired of being nice about it. They either "do not know what the weather has done in the past, or they do and they're simply lying about it," he added.

On Hannity's Tuesday radio program, Bastardi was answering Hannity's question about record low temperatures set in New York City Tuesday, breaking a 118 year-old record in the Big Apple.

Hannity: "Let me ask though, and I've said this for years that if it snows it's global warming, if it doesn't snow global warming, it's warm it's global warming, if it's cold it's global warming.  Everything is blamed on global warming.  How do you explain a 118 year low in New York City?"

Bastardi: "Well, first of all, what's even more remarkable about that is it that occurred with no snow on the ground and the wind from the west."

Hannity: "Yeah."

Bastardi: "Most of the time, New York City's record low's in the middle of winter, there's gonna be snow on the ground, and the winds try to come in out of the north or northwest, one or the other.  And that type of thing is very, very difficult to do.  I think these people are meteorological know-nothings.  You know, I'm just tired of playing around and trying to be nice about it.

"I tweeted two examples for instance of the polar vortex dropping into the United States January 1977, January 1985 for President Reagan's inauguration, the second inauguration.  That was Chicago's all time record low at 28 below zero.  And what I wanna know is, with all the different record lows we've had over the years, there are 31 days in January.  So, New York City's one record today, this is global warming, but the other 30 are not?

How do these people come up with this?  And the only thing I can say is they do not know what the weather has done in the past, or they do and they're simply lying about it, and it's an agenda driven thing.

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