Levin: 'You Can't Get Along with Harry Reid and Barack Obama - They're Insane'

James Beattie | November 20, 2013 | 11:54am EST
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On his program Tuesday night, Mark Levin called Harry Reid and Barack Obama 'insane' for the way they're trying to pack the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals with left-leaning justices, namely Patricia Millett, Nina Pillard, and Robert Wilkins.

Referring to an article from Politico, Levin said:

"And I love the way, people like the delusional Chris Matthews, the misogynist among others talk about how Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan got along. You can't get along with Harry Reid and Barack Obama, they're insane.  They're political radicals.  They don't wanna get along.

"So far, the Republicans have resisted this effort by Obama and Reid and the Democrats to add Patricia Mellett, Nina Pillard, and Robert Wilkins to the court.  There are now three vacancies on the eleven seat court, but there are three vacancies that don't need to be filled because, oddly enough, this court is one of the least busy courts in the circuit, in the appellate circuit.  But that doesn't matter, they want this done.  So I think they're quite capable of it.  They call it the nuclear option, cause they wanna pack the courts."

The nationally syndicated talk radio host brought up a piece by Politico, where Reid told the publication that "All this sacred nature of this filibuster? I think what we need and what the American people want is to get things done around here":

"And Obama has all but said he wants to pack the court, didn't he say that, Mr. Producer?  Didn't he say he's remaking the judiciary?  Remaking the courts, this is what he said at a fundraiser a week or two ago, remaking the courts.  And Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, wants him to remake the courts.  And so, over at Politico, the phony news site, they report Reid says he's actively weighing again a change in Senate rules to limit the filibuster, you wanna know why, because the Democrats are trying to pack, as I've talked about before, the second most powerful court in America, the appellate court that sits in Washington, DC through which all these challenges to the IRS, to the EPA, and so forth and so on are heard on appeal."

"So it's a very, very, very important court.  So, the Democrats are trying to add judges to that court.  Three to be specific; three radical ideologues to that court.  You know, when people say, well we should sue and challenge, well when you sue and challenge you have to take it to a court. And so they want all these things that Obama's putting in place, thousands and thousands of regulations and not just related to healthcare but related to everything.  They want them upheld, they wanna box you in, so you have no recourse whatsoever at least at that level.  And so they're trying to stack, they're trying to pack the court in DC, and there was a time where Democrats who had enough concern about the integrity of our system where they would've objected to that.  Like when Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court by adding five more seats, taking it from nine to 14.  His own Vice-President, the former Speaker of the House objected while he was vice president, and worked behind the scenes to block it.  You would never see that today, ever."

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