Levin: 'The Way You Unleash Prosperity Is to Embrace Prosperity'

By James Beattie | December 5, 2013 | 11:57am EST

Mark Levin said that Obamacare is about “redistributing wealth” on his radio program Wednesday and explained that the way to “unleash prosperity is to embrace prosperity”:

“Obama finally confessed.  Me, on this program, I’ve been making the point time and time and time again, that Obamacare is about redistributing wealth.  It is not about healthcare.  It is about destroying your independent sovereignty.  It is about destroying the Constitution, your relationship to the government, and redistributing wealth.

“That’s why your premiums are going up.  That’s why your deductibles are going up.  You are subsidizing other people.  In addition to subsidizing a vast array of new bureaucrats now who are heavily paid.

“The way you unleash prosperity is to embrace prosperity.  Profit is not a bad word.  Wealth is not a bad word.  Opportunity, independence, freedom, Obama never speaks these words.  Never.”

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