Levin: Obama Is 'an Economic Illiterate...Who Takes Responsibility for Nothing'

By James Beattie | January 8, 2014 | 10:58am EST

Discussing President Obama's remarks in the White House Tuesday, Mark Levin called the president an "economic illiterate" during Tuesday evening's radio show.

The president encouraged Congress to extend unemployment insurance at the White House Tuesday in front of several Americans who lost their benefits last month.

Levin: "So there's Obama today, with about ten people behind him, which demonstrates what a failure he is, and what a failure his policies are.  And, of course, they don't even get the irony of the damn thing.  And, he says among other things, cut one, go:

Obama: "But, although the economy has been growing, and we've been adding new jobs, the truth of the matter is, is that the financial crisis was so devastating that there's still a lot of people who are struggling, and in fact, if we don't provide unemployment insurance, it makes it harder for them to find a job."

Levin: "Isn't this frustrating as hell?  We have an economic illiterate as president of the United States who takes responsibility for nothing.  Responsibility for nothing.  So, this is because the financial crisis was so devastating that all these people are still unemployed.

"Not him.  Not Obamacare.  Not Dodd-Frank.  Not massive regulations pouring into society day after day.  Not his massive tax increase a year ago.  Not his attacks on capitalism, his push for economic redistribution, none of that has [an] effect on our economy.  It's the devastating financial crisis, because, you know, ladies and gentlemen, we've never had devastating financial crises, have we?  Well why did it take Reagan two years to come out of one, and this guy is still in one?"

Editor's Add-On: Rush Limbaugh declared Pres. Obama "an economic idiot" on his Tuesday radio program.

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