Levin: If You're Gay in Iran, 'They Hang You in Public Hangings'

By James Beattie | December 20, 2013 | 3:00pm EST

With remarks made by "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson on homosexuals remaining in the news cycle, Mark Levin pointed out that Iran "hangs you in public hearings" for being gay.

A 2012 Amnesty International report states that gays in Iran "continue to face harassment and persecution, and the judicial punishments of flogging and the death penalty."  They also report that three men were executed in an Iranian prison after being convicted of "sodomy," and a journalist was publicly flogged for publishing interviews from the LGBT community on his blog.

"We've got the President of the United States, who shook hands with, or would shake hands with, well certainly his Secretary of State did, the Islamo-Nazi president of the Islamo-Nazi regime in Iran.  That man has blood on his hands. 'Yabba dabba doo.'  The president of Iran, and all the other inbreds there.  That's right I said it. They have blood on their hands.

"They've executed 600 people this year by last count, and you know among them are gay people.  If you're gay, they hang you in public hangings.  And the Obama Administration is negotiating with these people.  The Obama Secretary of State, John F. Kerry, is meeting with these people, negotiating with these people.  Gee, did he say, 'Why don't you stop hanging gay people?'  No he didn't say that, and even if he did, it wouldn't matter.  Because they wanna cut a deal, that's what appeasers do. They cut deals.  The deal is the endgame.

"Is that more troubling to these groups than this fella from "Duck Dynasty"? Apparently not.  Apparently, not. Did they rise up and tell Obama, 'Don't negotiate with the Islamo-Nazis in Iran because look what they're doing. They're hanging all kinds of freedom-fighters, all kind of innocent people, and they're hanging gay people'?  Well, if they said something or did something, I've heard damn little about it.

"Because it's much easier, you see, to put the shoulder on A&E.  Well, I won't be watching A&E anymore unless it reverses course.  I don't care what shows are on there.  Because we, ladies and gentlemen, have all kinds of choices.  Like I told Senator Cruz and like you know anyway, there are hundreds of channels on cable.  There are hundreds and hundreds of channels on satellite.  I don't need A&E."

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