Hannity: Obama Has 'Pattern of Lawlessness'

By James Beattie | December 6, 2013 | 12:08pm EST

Sean Hannity said on his show Thursday that President Obama shows a "pattern of lawlessness which the president enforces the laws he likes, refuses to enforce, or just unilaterally alters laws he disagrees with."

Hannity was discussing Obama urging insurers and states to allow people to keep their coverage for another year, questionable recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as well concerns that immigration laws are not being enforced:

"We have a Constitution.  Our Constitution is our rule of law.  It just is.  And let me give you some examples.  The president unilaterally delaying the implementation of the Obamacare employer mandate.  We have a law.  The law says this.  And the president, without going to Congress to change the law just decides unilaterally, 'I'm gonna move the date by edict.'  Another example would be issuing other healthcare edicts and undermining the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, making unconstitutional recess appointments, you know, and things like that.  I can think of a whole list of things."

"I mean when you look at, for example, on the religious freedom issue.  I mean why would you force Catholic Charities and Catholic schools?  Well you may not agree with them on birth control.  They don't believe in artificial birth control.  But you should believe in freedom of religion as a fundamental right, and that the government shouldn't force these institutions to do something that they believe is morally unethical and wrong.  You know the recess appointment issue to the National Labor Relations Board, well the Senate needs to be in recess for you to make a recess appointment.  Or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that's another example where the president just acted unilaterally in defiance of what is established law."

"He's refused to enforce the current immigration law.  Now we pass laws.  Congress passes laws.  Presidents sign them into power.  The president wasn't able to get his DREAM ACT passed, so he just refuses to enforce the current immigration laws related to illegal immigrants brought to America's children.  He just ignores it rather than go through the process of 'We have separation of powers.  Coequal branches of government.'   In every case, the president casts all of that to the side, that is a level of lawlessness.  For example, waving welfare, work requirements.  Again lawlessness has been a constant thread through the Obama Presidency.  Now, just the other week for example, Obama held a press conference in which he urged both insurers and states to reinstate millions of people who have been dropped from their healthcare plans.  We pointed out at the time he's asking them to break the law.  His own law, his own signature legislation," said Hannity.

"You know, under Obamacare no insurer may issue a policy after 2013 that does not meet the law's minimum coverage requirements.  That is the law of the land.  And have the president, the chief lawmaker, go out there and urge them to break the law.  You can't do that, doesn't work that way.  You don't get to just executive fiat, edict everything, here.  That's what he's doing.  But that's what the law says.  These plans were cancelled because they do not meet the minimum coverage requirements.  That's why everybody's seeing the cancellations.  That's why everybody's getting rate shock.  The law remains unchanged.  The law is still the law, in spite of him telling them to do things that are by definition illegal.  Now the regulations governing that law remain unchanged, nothing's changed except for a president proposing to unilaterally dictate change, his own law from the White House press room, pretty much.  Now it's all part of a pattern of lawlessness which the president enforces the laws he likes, refuses to enforce, or just unilaterally alters laws he disagrees with.

"So now why would that be lawless?  Well by definition it should be.  Now the answer, if you wanna get a little more technical about it, the president has the constitutional duty to take care of the laws that they be faithfully executed.  If you want a direct reference, just look at Article Two, Section Three of the Constitution.  Now most of us learned in elementary school that Congress passes laws and the president executes them, except Obama.  He suspends laws in whole or in part whenever he likes.  He's not content with executing the laws.  He wants to make them up as he goes.  It is a staggering, continual never-ending abuse of power, and it's illegal."

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