Hannity: Cut 1 Penny From Every Dollar of Federal Spending for 5 Years

James Beattie | December 11, 2013 | 5:36pm EST
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Instead of the budget deal announced Tuesday that will increase spending over the next two years, radio host Sean Hannity proposed that Republicans adopt his "penny plan," which would "insist that government cut one penny out of every dollar that government spends every year for five years."

Hannity said the deal is just a watered-down version of what the Democrats want:

"So what would I like to see as a conservative?  What are conservatives like me looking for? Because this doesn't work for me.  This, to me, is just watered down, what the democrats offer.  Now the country voted the president in power, yeah you can make that argument.  But, that doesn't prevent the Republicans in the House that have the majority, Mr. Speaker I am talking to you from leading and having a vision, a solution oriented agenda and telling the country that there is an entirely different way to go about things."

Then, he presented his plan:

"Let me give you an example.  What are conservatives like me wishing this deal was about?  I've been pushing the penny plan on this program.  The penny plan is simple.  If you have a budget at home, and you're spending more money than you take in, and you're literally on the verge of bankrupt [cy] in your own personal life, and some accountant comes in and says 'Here's what we need to do, you need to cut one penny of spending out of every dollar you spend, cut back here, here, here, here, everywhere.  Then we can get you to a balanced budget.  Cut up your credit cards, do whatever you have to do, but you can't keep spending the way you're spending without going into bankruptcy court.' And you say 'Okay, I can do that.'"

"This is an opportunity for Republicans to differentiate themselves from big-spending, liberal Democrats that are bankrupting the country, seeing on the horizon the myriad of problems that we will face as a nation.  So I'm looking for bolder solutions.  And a bold solution here is to go out, tell the nation, explain to them what's gonna happen if we don't get our act together.  Explain that your kids and grandkids are literally being robbed.  Because you can make a visual example that we are taking a sledgehammer and breaking open every young child and grandchild of ours piggy bank and robbing every penny they have.  Because that's what we're doing."

"It is a moral imperative that we live within our means, that we balance our budget, and that this country stops deficit spending, and stops building up the size and the scope and the influence of government.  And then telling us that this is the best that they can do, this is not the best that they can do.  The penny plan would insist that government cut one penny out of every dollar that government spends every year for five years.  Eliminate this madness called baseline budgeting, which projects increases in government spending in every program, six, seven, eight, nine, ten percent a year.  Because we don't have the money to pay for it.  And the bold colored different solution that they should offer is, 'We're the party for balanced budgets, we're the party of fiscal responsibility, we're the party with an alternative, and we're not gonna rob your kids blind, because in good conscience, it's a moral imperative that we not do that.'  That's part one of my plan."

"Part two, what I'd like to see as a conservative, is I'd like to see the Republicans out there explaining to people why they should balance the budget, how they're gonna balance the budget, and then the second thing is, is one of the ways is we can get there quickly.  And that of course deals with the energy issue that we talk about in terms of a solution all the time.  Fighting and pushing and driving home the miracle of Midland, Texas.  The miracle of North Dakota, and how jobs are created, unemployment is low, infrastructure's being built, money is available because we have all of these resources, literally gold underneath our feet.  That we can get people off government assistance, back to work, the economy flowing, revenues increasing, deficits being paid down, balanced budgets a possibility; all of that is under our feet.  All we're selling here is a go along, get along budget, that to me is just the same old, same old."

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