Teacher Uses Broom To Break Up Fight, Gets Swept Out of Job

By Eric Scheiner | May 12, 2014 | 12:31pm EDT

A Detroit teacher who broke up a high school fight with a broom has been fired.

In cell phone video of the incident, two male students can be seen fighting and knocking over desks as the teacher yells for them to stop.

Eventually, the female teacher physically intervenes, striking one of the students on the back with a broom multiple times. For a moment the student backs off, but then the other student runs back towards him and the fight resumes.

Fox 2 Detroit is reporting the Pershing High School teacher is now out of a job, as the school district says it does not tolerate child abuse.

A representative from Pershing High School's communication's office tells Fox 2, that teachers were instructed during orientation to call for security on a walkie-talkie during such situations. But reports have surfaced claiming this teacher's walkie-talkie wasn't working.

While the teacher lost her job as part of the incident, the two fighting students were suspended for 10 days.

(Upate May 13, 2014)

According to USA Today, teacher Tiffani Eaton, 30, who was fired after the fighting incident at Pershing High School has now been reinstated.

The English teacher will have the option of returning to the school or another school in the district.

H/T Fox 2 Detroit

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