Pony Tale: A Mother Will Do Anything For Her Baby

Eric Scheiner
By Eric Scheiner | April 30, 2014 | 12:09 PM EDT

A structure fire in Alvarado, Texas earlier this month forced a trapped mother to stand over her baby, protecting her young from the flames.

In this case, the structure was a barn and mother and child are ponies.

WFAA-TV reports that, “If you ever question what a mother will do for her child, think of Bella and Butterscotch.”

Whitney Hanson of the Humane Society of North Texas told reporters, that chickens and sheep in the barn died in the blaze, but when firefighters found the ponies, Bella was blocking her then two-week-old foal, Butterscotch from the flames.

"She actually kind of backed the baby into the corner and stood over her and shielded her from the fire and the debris that was falling," Hanson told WFAA-TV.

Both ponies survived the fire but have suffered burn injuries. Efforts are underway to raise money for their rehabilitation.

For more information on the ponies or the fundraising effort click here.


Eric Scheiner
Eric Scheiner
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