Woman Who Filmed Own Abortion Launches Website to 'Remove Shame and Sigma' of Killing Unborn Babies

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | July 8, 2014 | 4:04 PM EDT

Emily Letts, the young woman who filmed her own abortion and posted it on the Internet, has started her own website, where she is encouraging other women to share their own experiences with abortion.

“In sharing our stories we can remove the shame and stigma on a woman’s right to choose,” says Letts in an introductory video posted on the new site,

Letts says she wants to "create a world" where women can "choose" to kill their unborn babies "without the fear of being shamed or judged."

The website was unveiled Tuesday afternoon and features several videos of women describing their abortions as well as other videos that strive to show the choice to have an abortion in a positive light.

Some of the women also criticize those who have objected to their decisions to terminate their pregnancies. 

In addition to the testimonials, Letts claims that every time a video is uploaded to the site, a donation will be made to the group "Provide" a service which refers women to abortion providers.

Below is Lett’s original video that documents her abortion procedure.

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