Southern Florida Threatens to Secede Due to Fear of Climate Change

By Dan Joseph | October 23, 2014 | 11:56am EDT

Threats of a state seceding from the country, or a part of a state creating its own state due to political differences, typically don’t go anywhere. 

Well, except for that one time in the 1860’s. 

Texas and Vermont both threatened to do so out of frustration with the policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but both remain part of the United States.  There have been several attempts over the last few decades to carve Californian up into as many as six separate states

Now, some in Southern Florida are toying with the possibility of launching a secession effort from the northern part of the state. 

Why would the heavily liberal area consider sacrificing their share of all that sweet, sweet, Disney related tax revenue?  Apparently it’s because the government in Tallahassee isn’t doing enough to combat climate change. 

South Miami Mayor Walter Harris believes that rising sea levels due to global warming will cause the everglades to disappear and possibly lead to a nuclear disaster

The Miami city commissioners are so terrified of climate change that they recently passed a resolution that calls for splitting the state in half. 

The "situation is very precarious and in need of immediate attention," according to the resolution, which goes on to say that water levels are expected to rise 3 to 6 feet over the next century.

The creation of this 51st state would have to be approved by Florida voters and Congress, which is highly unlikely.

But local leaders are confident that it will happen someday because, if it doesn’t, apparently mankind as we know it may cease to exist.

"I'm called Don Quixote about the whole thing," says Mayor Harris. "But I believe it will happen because, basically, it has to. This is unprecedented in man's existence."

Right now Florida is best known for Mickey Mouse, orange juice, old people and some of the most bizarre criminal activity in the country.  But, if the Florida secessionists are right, a century from now Florida will be a real life version of the Lost City of Atlantis. 

This might be cool.  I mean who wouldn’t want to scuba dive through the Haunted Mansion?

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