'Pure American' Gun Billboard Draws Fire from NYT, Democrat

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | January 27, 2014 | 2:47 PM EST

Liberals around the nation are losing their collective minds over a billboard that features an AR-15 rifle and suggests that the weapon is "Pure American" by comparing it to baseball and apple pie.

The advertisement comes courtesy of the Slide Fire firearm parts company and can be seen from a highway in southwest Chicago.

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In addition to a baseball glove, an apple pie and the AR-15 the billboard also features and American flag, a fish that is commonly used as a symbol of Christianity, the Statue of Liberty and a logo for the Second Amendment reading "2A."

Upon learning about the billboard, gun control advocates predictably flipped out.

Joe Nocera, a liberal columnist for the New York Times, condemned the ad in a Friday op-ed.  In the column's very first sentence, Nocera points out that Chicago has the highest rate of gun violence in the nation.  However, nowhere in the article does Nocera mention that Chicago also has some of the strictest gun regulation in the country.

Nocera ended the piece by listing 40 different examples of purported gun violence since the start of 2014.

An identical billboard was met with similar condemnation when it was erected near Harrisburg, PA.

"Guns to us in Harrisburg means death," said Pennsylvania State Representative, Patty Kim (D- Harrisburg).  "When we see a gun, a handgun, it's painful because so many of us have fallen at the hands of illegal guns.  We need to do something.  We can't make it something flippantly like it's part of America.  It's not."

Based on her statement, it is unclear whether Rep. Kim had actually seen the billboard before commenting on its content - since the gun pictured was neither a "handgun" nor "illegal."

Despite the criticism, Slide Fire is not backing down.  In an interview with a local Pennsylvania television station, Slide Fire Chief Executive Manager Laura Shackelford defended the billboard's message saying, "Our Second Amendment rights are 'All-American' and we have a First Amendment right to speak about them."

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