Lena Dunham Promotes Herself on Planned Parenthood T-Shirt

By Dan Joseph | October 30, 2014 | 12:34pm EDT

Actress Lena Dunham is almost as well known for her political activism as she is for being naked on TV. The "Girls" star is also a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood and her political activism is almost exclusively dedicated to fighting conservatives' so-called “War on Women.”

But she’s not below some shameless self-promotion.


In order to show her love for Planned Parenthood as well as her love for—well, for Lena Dunham—the celebrity has teamed up with the abortion provider to create a shirt that reads “Lena [hearts] Planned Parenthood.

She then got some of her celebrity pals to promote the shirt by posting pictures of them sporting the garment on Instagram.

Coincidentally, the release of the shirt coincides with the release of Dunham’s new book “Not that Kind of Girl.”

I haven’t read the book, but based on the description on, it’s pretty much what you would expect from the actress - 288 pages on how awful it is to be a woman in 21st century America. 

So, if you see the shirt—I’d guess the most likely place to find it would be at a Wendy Davis rally over the next few days—remember, Planned Parenthood has Lena Dunham’s full support.  And Lena Dunham has a book out. And Lena Dunham is famous, so obviously, you should support Planned Parenthood too.

Proceeds from sales of the shirt will go to Planned Parenthood’s “Women are Watching” campaign, designed to bring Planned Parenthood supporters to the polls on Election Day.  

But, who’s really promoting who here?


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