Have You Made Your Valentine's Day Reservations at McDonald's, Yet?

Dan Joseph | February 12, 2014 | 10:48am EST
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What were you planning on getting your sweetheart for Valentine's Day this year?  Candy? Jewelry? Maybe a seven foot tall stuffed animal?  Well, if you live in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, cancel all the plans, because now you can get your significant other what he or she REALLY wants:  a romantic dinner at McDonalds!

According to The Tampa Bay Times, On Friday, February 14th, one McDonalds in Tampa will convert into a romantic, full service restaurant with waiters, LED candles, flowers on every table and the ability to make phone reservations.

The menu items will be the same as always.

Apparently, the Tampa location is not the only one where diners can experience the Valentine's makeover.  A McDonalds in Southport , NC has apparently been undergoing this same holiday transformation for three years now.  At that location, in addition to the romantic atmosphere, patrons are also treated to a special Valentine's Day performance by a mysterious singer which the chain will only reveal is named "Ron."

Because what better way to say "I love you'" than by treating your favorite gal to a big box of McNuggets while she's serenaded by a clown?

So make your reservations today - especially, if your goal in the relationship is to be broken up by February 15th.

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