Alternative Toy: G.I. 'Yoga Joes' in Hot Pink

By Dan Joseph | October 20, 2014 | 11:33am EDT

For generations young children have been playing with army men.  Those tiny, plastic, green toys, posing as if they are in the thick of battle and that come in bags by the hundreds.

But, what if you’re one of those progressive parents who doesn’t like the idea of your child playing with toys that promote violence and the decades of “imperialism” and genocide promoted by the America’s “Military Industrial Complex?” Well, now there’s an option for your sissy kid, as well.

“Yoga Joes” are little green, peace-loving versions of traditional army men - only, instead of chucking grenades, they are posed in various yoga positions.

Yoga Joes are the brainchild of San Francisco native (of course) Dan Abramson.  Abramson was able raise $100,000 in an effort on Kickstarter to produce the miniature, yoga practitioners. 

Yoga Joes cost $25 and come in sets of nine.  In each set, you will get figures in military uniforms engaging in classic yoga poses.  The set includes Headstand Joe, Meditation Pose Joe, Cobra Pose Joe, Warrior One Joe, Warrior Two Joe, Child's Pose Joe, Tree Pose Joe, Crow Pose Joe, and Downward-facing Dog Joe. Each pose is being masterfully undertaken on the Joe’s yoga mat.

Hot Pink 'Yoga Joes'


If green isn’t your color, Yoga Joes are also available in hot pink. (Because, of course they are.)

To be fair, Abramson seems to understand that Yoga Joes are a novelty item and doesn’t seem to be making any type of anti-military political statement with his toys.

“I'm hoping people pass Yoga Joes around as an inexpensive gift to friends and loved ones, who might like to give yoga a shot,” Abramson writes on his Kickstarter page.

“Plus, I hope yoga fans display them proudly in their homes, offices, and yoga studios. And I hope kids get to be acquainted with yoga from a young age - celebrating military men and women for their focus and discipline. 

"And I hope people find them funny as hell.”

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