67% of Americans Say They Eat Healthy, But 69% Don't

Dan Joseph
By Dan Joseph | March 5, 2014 | 11:53 AM EST

A new poll from Rasmussen shows that most Americans believe they maintain a healthy diet. Fully, 67% of Americans consider themselves to be health eaters.

Interestingly, this number is very similar to the 69% of Americans who the Center for Disease Control categorizes as being "overweight."

According to the poll, only 36% of the Americans surveyed view themselves as being overweight. which means that that nearly half of all Americans don't know that the CDC views their body mass index as being too heavy for their size.
The CDC categorizes any adult whose BMI is 25.9 to 29.9 percent as being medically overweight. Once the BMI goes up to 30% then the individual is considered "obese."

The most recent CDC numbers show that more than a third (35.7%) of Americans are obese.

One silver lining to all this is that the rate of obesity among children ages 2 to 5 has dropped by nearly 43% over the last decade.

Of course, if this because the parents are eating their kids' portions, then it takes much of the luster off of that stat.

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