27% of French Youth Support ISIS

Dan Joseph | August 27, 2014 | 10:13am EDT
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If I told you that there was a country in which 16% of the citizens supported the odious terror group, ISIS, which nation would you guess I was talking about?

Saudi Arabia?  Gaza?  Syria perhaps?

Nope. The nation in which one in six citizens are supportive of the Islamic terror group that routinely beheads children and crucifies those who oppose its dreams of a caliphate is...France. 

A survey done by ICM research, found that nearly 16% of French citizens have a favorable view of ISIS. To add some context to that number,  French president Francois Hollande currently has an approval rating of 18%.

That 16% is even higher than the 13% in Gaza who were found to view ISIS favorably, in a similar poll.

Scarier still, more than a quarter (27%) of French citizens between the ages of 18 and 24 were found to sympathize with ISIS.

France is an American ally and a popular tourist destination for American citizens, so the usually high level of support for ISIS is bound to come as a shock to many.

But perhaps it shouldn’t shock us all that much.

France has been found to be one of the world’s most intolerant nations.  It also has one of the largest Muslim populations in Europe.  Additionally, it’s been widely reported that Anti-Semitism in on the rise across Europe.

Anne-Elizabeth Moutet, Newsweek’s France correspondent sees the anger of young immigrant Muslims as the driving force behind the support for the terror group.

This is the ideology of young French Muslims from immigrant backgrounds,” she said, “These are the same people who torch synagogues”.

None of these factors serve as a direct explanation for why the French view ISIS more favorably than Americans view Congress.  But since intolerance in general is the driving force behind the ISIS death march across the Middle East, is it really any wonder that they have some supporters in Western Europe?

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