CBS Will Allow Announcers to Boycott ‘Redskins’ On Air

By Curtis Kalin | July 21, 2014 | 10:45am EDT

CBS Sports and NFL officials have made clear they will allow announcers to refrain from using the nickname “Redskins” on air beginning this season.

In the wake of the growing “controversy” over the 82-year-old franchise’s nickname, CBS said that they will not dictate whether announcers can refuse to utter the name of the team on NFL broadcasts.

A Washington Redskins football helmet. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus commented Thursday, "We don't tell our announcers what to say about any topic… That is true about team names also.”

McManus did concede that, while they have no plans concerning the name currently, “We're looking at it, but right now we don't have any change in our plan."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell threw the issue back onto CBS saying, “We don't dictate to our broadcast partners how they cover the game. That's their decision."

A growing number of NFL columnists like Sports Illustrated’s Peter King have refused to say or write the name because they deem it offensive. In King’s case, they refer to the Redskins as “Washington team nickname.”

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