Obama Proclaims 'Religious Freedom Day' While Fighting 91 Religious Liberty Lawsuits

Craig Bannister | January 16, 2014 | 4:08pm EST
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On Wednesday, Pres. Obama declared today "Religious Freedom Day" - even as his administration continues its court fights against those seeking religious liberty.

While fighting 91 different lawsuits against his HHS mandate requiring employers to provide coverage for abortifacients and contraceptives, Obama even vowed to "remain committed to promoting religious freedom" in his proclamation:

"America proudly stands with people of every nation who seek to think, believe, and practice their faiths as they choose. In the years to come, my Administration will remain committed to promoting religious freedom, both at home and across the globe. We urge every country to recognize religious freedom as both a universal right and a key to a stable, prosperous, and peaceful future.

"As we observe this day, let us celebrate America's legacy of religious liberty, embrace diversity in our own communities, and resolve once more to advance religious freedom in our time."

Ironically, the Obama administration is currently embroiled in a fight to deny religious freedom to everyone from private businesses, nuns and the Catholic Church, to religious universities:

According to the Beckett Fund for Religious Freedom, there have been 19 court injunctions granted against the Obama administration's HHS mandate alone:

Injunctions Granted:

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