Watch this Amazing Lego Machine Make Music

Barbara Boland
By Barbara Boland | April 25, 2014 | 3:55 PM EDT

This might be the coolest Lego construction ever built: Alex Allmont, full-time coder and part-time Ph.D. student (in polyrhythmic music,) used Lego Technic to create this fantastic electronic house-beat player.

"A classic kids' toy and the typically adult musical subgenre of acid house don't usually have much in common, but this year I had the opportunity to weave them together using Lego Technic to form hypnotic and hooky sounds in my new kinetic sculpture 'Play House,'" Allmont writes. Watch the video to hear what a fantastic and bizarre sound his creation makes.

As reported by Wired:

Play House, as [Allmont] calls it, was built for AudioGraft, an experimental music festival in Oxford, England. Spread out across a small tabletop, the assembly triggers sampled drums and digital notes based on those of the Roland TB303, the synthesizer whose belching bass gave rise to acid house in the '80s.

The photo, supplied by Alex Allmont, is of another prototype machine that didn't make the final cut. Allmont's post on Make explains that his original idea for a Lego music-making machine was even more complicated. (Lego pieces played percussion!)

If you're interested in understanding all the bells-and-whistles that went into Allmont's final creation, here's a 10-minute video explanation by Allmont himself.

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