Top 10 Countries that Love the U.S., and the Top 10 that Hate Us

By Barbara Boland | July 25, 2014 | 12:42pm EDT

The top 10 countries that are fans of the U.S., and the top 10 countries that are critics, includes some surprises: France made #10 on the fan list, and Germany made #10 on the critics, based on a new Pew Research Center survey.

What's not surprising here is that Israel is our #2 fan, and the U.S. gets high unfavorable ratings from Palestinians.

There is little evidence of "profound anti-Americanism" except in a handful of countries, Pew's research found.

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Top 10 Critics

Egypt 85% Unfavorable

Jordan 85% Unfavorable

Turkey 73% Unfavorable

Russia 71% Unfavorable

Palestine territories 66% Unfavorable

Greece 63% Unfavorable

Pakistan 59% Unfavorable

Lebanon 57% Unfavorable

Tunisia 47% Unfavorable

Germany 47% Unfavorable

Top 10 Fans

Philippines 92% Favorable

Israel 84% Favorable

South Korea 82% Favorable

Kenya 80% Favorable

El Salvador 80% Favorable

Italy 78% Favorable

Ghana 77% Favorable

Vietnam 76% Favorable

Bangladesh 76% Favorable

France 75% Favorable

Anti-Americanism is particularly strong today in the Middle East. In Egypt, only 10% of the population favor the U.S., despite Obama's heralding of the "Arab Spring" and the downfall of Mubarak, which has only served to increase our unpopularity in the region. 

In Russia, less than a quarter (23%) have a positive view of the United States, down from 28% last year. Pakistan has a 14% favorable rating for the U.S.

In Europe, more than half of the population in seven out of nine countries say they see the U.S. positively. The Italians view the U.S. at 78% favorable, French at 75% and Poland 73%.

The U.S. is viewed positively in most of Asia (with half the Chinese subscribing to this view) and in Latin America, where eight out of nine countries had majorities favorable. 80% of Salvadorans view the U.S. favorably, as do 72% of Chileans and 71% Nicaraguans.

African countries also see the U.S. in a positive light, with strong majorities in all seven nations Pew surveyed responding thusly.

Polling found little change in Obama’s popularity globally this year, although it is decreased from its height at 2008. Across 44 nations, 56% had confidence Obama would do the right thing in world affairs,

Policy is what is driving down confidence: in nearly all countries Pew polled, majorities oppose U.S. monitoring of their emails and phone calls. Drone strikes are also wildly unpopular: 39 out of 44 countries have majorities or pluralities that oppose U.S. drone strikes.

Asia is increasingly worried about conflict with China, and this has helped countries keep their favorable opinion of the U.S.

Globally, Pew found strong opposition to U.S. eavesdropping, and a decline in views that the U.S. respects the personal freedoms of its people.


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