First Maryland, Now Wisconsin: Crowds Flee Obama

Barbara Boland | October 30, 2014 | 11:14am EDT
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President Obama actually showed up on the campaign trail for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke in Wisconsin last night -  only  for crowds to slowly exit the theater while he was speaking, a redux of what happened last week when he spoke in Maryland.

"Burke gambles that Obama will drive out the base more than he drives away those unhappy with him," Time reported.

It would seem she lost that gamble - although she did speak to an overflow crowd at North Division High School, reports Time.

Check out this tweet:


A reporter at the event tweeted:

Of course, Politico put their own spin on what happened at the event:

“She will be your next governor as long as folks vote,” Obama told the crowd that remained.

Looks like folks at the event chose to vote with their feet.

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