Scott Rasmussen: People Don’t Understand What Overturning Roe Would Do, So It’s Hard to Gauge Their Views

By Craig Bannister | May 16, 2022 | 3:12pm EDT
(Getty Images/David Kravitz)

If three-fourths of American voters don’t understand what would happen if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, then there’s no way to use polling data to accurately assess what they truly think about the possibility, famed pollster Scott Rasmussen says.

“Let’s begin with the reality that any poll asking whether voters want to overturn Roe is meaningless. Why? Because voters don’t know what overturning that decision would mean,” Rasmussen declares in a commentary for The Federalist, “Why Overturning Roe May Help Republicans A Lot More Than It Helps Democrats.”

As evidence, Rasmussen, president of RMG Research, Inc., cites findings from his company’s polling:

  • 77% of voters mistakenly think overturning Roe v. Wade would make abortion illegal in the United States.
  • 22% have a partial understanding of the issue.

Currently, under Roe v. Wade, judges determine abortion law, since they pass judgement on any law placing any restrictions on abortion. Thus, judges can ignore and invalidate the Will Of The People – something American voters don’t want:

By more than three-to-one, voters say that abortion laws should be set by voters and their elected representatives (65%), rather than by judges (18%), as is currently the case.

What’s more, Rasmussen explains, Democrats’ recent abortion-rights bill, which failed by one vote in the Senate, would have prohibited even modest state restrictions on abortion supported by more than sixty percent of voters, such as:

  • Three-day waiting periods,
  • Spousal notifications, and
  • Parental notifications

The Democrats’ bill would have made abortion legal at any point during a pregnancy, up to the moment of birth – a concept that is rejected by 77% of voters and supported by just 17%.

Voters largely agree that, in the matter of abortion, two lives are involved and that the second life begins in the early stages of pregnancy – making progressive Democrats’ extremist demands widely out of step with voters’ views, Rasmussen concludes:

“There is no easy way out for Democrats. Their progressive base is demanding policies wildly out of step with the broad consensus of American voters. Seventy-three percent of voters agree there are two lives to consider in this debate — the mother and the baby. Voters may disagree on precisely when life begins, but there is a strong sense that at some point fairly early in the pregnancy, the fetus becomes a baby.”

Read Rasmussen’s full commentary in The Federalist.

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