Sam Sorbo: Free Stuff Isn’t Freedom

By Sam Sorbo | July 19, 2019 | 2:31pm EDT
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In the recent Democratic Party primary debates, the candidates seemed to be in competition to see how much of The People’s money the D.C. bureaucrats – who have collectively accomplished next to nothing – can spend. Their policies created no new products to better people’s lives, nor established any new businesses to employ others, nor added substantially to the general welfare of society. They are like poor people, trying to rig the lottery that need to convince others of their altruism. Free healthcare for all, regardless of nationality or legal status! Free education for anyone – and retroactively! But the old adage that “freedom isn’t free” is true in reverse. Free stuff isn’t freedom; it’s the opposite.

In a New Hampshire town hall with Amy Klobuchar, a self-proclaimed 2017 graduate asked about subsidizing college loans, complaining that his state boasts the “highest average student loan debt in the nation … It’s absurd.” He also insisted she support free education for the formerly incarcerated and illegal immigrants.

No one forces anyone to assume an “absurd” amount of debt. It’s by choice. So, are schools not teaching youngsters to be responsible with their finances? Hint: The answer to that question is “no.”

First, examine society’s desire for education. Children are taught that college is the nearly singular way to a good-paying career: “College Prep and Career Readiness” and secondary education at any cost, they are told. Unexpectedly, graduates with a $280,000 degree in 18th century Tunisian gender studies find they have no job offers. It’s no wonder they are disillusioned and feel like someone should pay. Who? Why not the government that convinced them to borrow the cash and chase that impractical dream in the first place? But where is the guidance of the parents in all this? Usurped authority by government schools convinced them all to “buy in” to this educational Ponzi scheme. Second hint: Homeschooling is the best answer going.

After all, government’s subsidization of secondary education, starting with the ostensibly well-intentioned GI Bill and continuing with Pell Grants, etc. contributed to the skyrocketing costs of university degrees, compared to inflation. Government subsidies foster growing college and universities costs, but the education system ignores this fact.

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

There has also been a tremendous surge in non-teaching, administrative positions in education. That means non-engaged, high-salaried players are draining cash from the system. Simultaneously, we’ve witnessed tremendous non-fiscal inflation in our higher and lower education too. High schools are not teaching what they used to, and colleges and universities have had to pick up the slack. In other words, a college degree ain’t worth what it used to be worth.

If a college degree is absurdly priced, that simply means it is not worth the cost. So why wouldn’t the solution be to not go to college for that degree? We’ve been brainwashed to believe that college is a necessity for succeeding in life, despite many examples to the contrary: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Rachel Ray, and Pete Cashmore (CEO and founder of Mashable), among others. Unfortunately, 12 years of indoctrination in our government schools renders us nearly incapable of considering pricey colleges as an “absurd” option, just absurdly priced, and therefore suitable for government subsidization. The personal bail-out is all the rage now!

There are five reasons we say it is unfair for colleges to charge so much, none of which are based on free-market principles: (1) They cost too much, but the free market should be allowed to resolve that; (2) We deserve rewards (just for participating); (3) “Fair” now means equal outcome. At least, that’s what many students learn in school; (4) Greed; and (5) Fear.

We have a similar approach to health care these days. It’s so expensive that people believe they deserve help to pay for it. Nearly every democrat in the debate insisted, “Health care is a right!” as if they were trying to convince themselves even. Of course, health care cannot be a right because then all the nurses and doctors would be forced to provide services for free. That’s called slavery. The struggle is not whether health care should be a right, but whether the government should be tasked with providing it. The left believes it should, but of course, they’re wrong. The government-run Veterans’ Administration and Department of Motor Vehicles should provide enough evidence of that.

It’s time we look more logically at both systems. But ignorance is running rampant in our schools, in our culture, in the media and in the ranks of the progressive left. Government schools teach that only government can provide the answers to all our woes. It cannot. But government – and those who support policies that seek its continual expansion – will certainly try to convince us it can.

Sam Sorbo is the host of The Sam Sorbo Show and the co-writer and producer of “Let There Be Light” ( LTBL dvd is in stores February 27th!). She is a home schooling advocate and the author of two books: "They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate" and “Teach from Love.”


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