Mr. Obama’s ‘Gun Violence’ Problem

By Richard Kelsey | December 14, 2015 | 10:39am EST
President Barack Hussein Obama (AP Photo)

December 10, 2015 was a very important date in American history.  It is the date when Mr. Obama’s press secretary reminded America what is fundamentally wrong with Mr. Obama and his failed policy in combating radical Islamic terrorism.  Mr. Obama has long despised the global war on terror, and he is unapologetic in his failed belief that wars end if one side chooses not to fight.  The whole fighting for freedom and liberty thing is just a bit beneath Mr. Obama, and he is from a mindset that identifies those who attack and kill us as people driven to hate us because of our own arrogance, our phony American Exceptionalism, and our long history of colonialism and antipathy against the people he thinks we have repressed world-wide. That mindset is most strange since it belongs to an American President.  It is either a naive, sinister, or nakedly ignorant view.  Nonetheless, Mr. Obama is determined to ignore the war on Western Civilization, redefine its armies, and re-direct his energies from it.  Mr. Obama prefers to treat radical Islamic terrorism like a barking dog somewhere on another block.  He believes eventually someone else will take care of it, or it will just run out of steam.  When the dog gets lose and bites people in his yard, he still seems to think the problem is best addressed by someone else, perhaps a dog whisperer, but not him.

We are at war Mr. President, and the enemy has let loose the dogs of war across this globe.  That enemy is in our streets, killing our people.  Wars end, sir, when one side wins and the other side surrenders or is destroyed.  When people make war with you, you can’t ignore them … or you die.  I am sorry if the whole war thing was not part of your plan or proposed legacy to fundamentally change America.  You may have noticed that when we held our heads up high and marched out of Iraq to meet a political timetable of your choosing, we lost Iraq to the enemy and gave rise to a new army of radical Islamic terrorists.  They were unimpressed by your end of the war.  It seems, they weren’t finished fighting, even if you were.  Now that we don’t fight wars overseas, we are fighting the soldiers of radical Islamic terrorists in our streets.  We are importing their fighters through your broken vetting system, including an apparent mail-order bride terrorist.  The propaganda machine of our enemy is winning, as Caliphate forces march nearly unopposed on the globe, resulting in recruiting wins among our own homegrown terrorists.  You are not merely losing the middle-east, North and Central Africa, Belgium, and Paris, you are losing American citizens and towns to the jihad calling.  But no sir, ignore away.  Don’t let the bark or the bite distract you. I am sure someone else will come along and take care of the dogs of war.

This brings us back to December 10, 2015.  Check your non-Donald Trump news, and see what else, if anything happened that day.  Oh, yes, the President’s Press secretary was asked if the President planned a trip to the site of the terror attack in a U.S. city.  Wow, gee, he doesn’t know.  In fact, he is sure someone is considering things like that … particularly in areas where bad things happen and people are effected by “gun violence.”  That’s right – “gun violence.”  He said it.  Press secretaries choose their words very carefully, and he chose “gun violence” knowing it was terrorism.  San Bernardino was not a U.S. terror attack in the mind of the President, at that time, it was, instead, another act of “gun violence.”  Let me look back through my father’s letters from the South Pacific to his parents during World War II, I am sure they are rife with references to all the gun violence he faced.  

Mr. Obama must be some form of warped, terror denier.  Faced with facts of an actual terror attack, including an attack that saw a breakdown in vetting, a breakdown in terror tracking, and according to a whistle-blower, a directive to stop following terror leads in that area due to religious sensitivity concerns, Mr. Obama still had his press secretary recasting the terror attack.  Oh yes … why hasn’t the President gone to San Bernardino after this terror attack? 

The President appears to be the commander in chief of a gun control cult of terror deniers who have hunkered down in the White House behind a narrative designed to disarm Americans, attack the Constitution, and ignore international enemies waging war against the United States.  This is way past troubling.  The President isn’t merely out of touch, he doesn’t want to be in touch.  He won’t even look at his own failed mechanism for vetting passport or visa holders, let alone refugees.  And, irrespective of what one might think about the wisdom of taking refugees from war torn areas into our country during a time of war, the debate on how best to tighten those procedures is a fundamental duty of national security.  He won't discuss it. Moreover, it is Mr. Obama’s failure to fight radical Islamic terrorists across the globe, setting in motion an international refugee crises, that he now thinks converts into an American obligation to accept refugees. Indeed, if ISIS were contained, and they were a JV team, then why are the former residents of those countries fleeing? 

Gun sales are up and gun violence is actually way down since the early 90s in the United States.  Those are the government's statistics.  We may need to have a serious discussion about our decaying culture, our country’s definition of decency, and the destruction of the modern family that has led to broken homes, broken cultures, and rampant violence in segments of America.  None of that, however, has anything to do with the war against modernity waged by radical Islamic terrorists now being fought in western cities and upon our streets.  That is not a “gun violence” problem Mr. President.  Our problem is that you are a terror denier, and your unhealthy obsession with striking down the Second Amendment is part of your cult of American apologists who believe gun control laws that punish law abiding Americans are the best defense against an international enemy engaged in World War. 

On December 1, 2015, radical Islamic Jihadists attacked and killed 14 Americans in San Bernardino, California, USA.  22 others were wounded.  The American born, radicalized terrorist lived in a bomb factory with his mail-order terrorist wife.  They allegedly had ties to known terrorists, and they had been planning attacks for years according to reports.  But on December 10, 2015, nine days later, this President decided that the issue really was just “gun violence.”  It’s tough to protect Americans with that view and impossible to win a war against fanatical opponents.  The Press secretary confirmed that the problem in this country is not “gun violence” or the President’s policy, it’s the President.

Richard Kelsey is an Assistant Law School Dean.  A former Virginia state court law clerk and commercial litigator, Dean Kelsey was also the CEO of a technology company.  He has previously taught legal writing and pre-trial practice.  He is a regular commentator on legal and political issues in print, and on radio and TV.   His opinions are his own, and do not represent any institution or entity.  His Twitter handle is @richkelsey.

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