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Rey Flores
By Rey Flores | March 9, 2015 | 2:12 PM EDT

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Unlike Right Wing Watch, one doesn’t have to go too far to see what the left wing in America is doing today. All one has to do is turn on their local or national so-called “news,” and there you have it.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Right Wing Watch (RWW), it’s a side project of People for the American Way (PFAW), who should really call themselves People for the American Gay.

It’s interesting how these leftist groups like to take on deceitful monikers like PFAW or the Human Rights Campaign. After all; who would be opposed to human rights and the American way?

These organizations make themselves sound like baseball, hot dogs and apple pie, when they are really insidious organizations that instead push sin, sodomy and other things that make you want to cry.

Graphic Created Based on Right Wing Watch's Trending Topics

In the graphic you see here, RWW lists the following items on their Trending Topics list: Anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim, End Times, Marriage Equality and Reproductive Health. RWW should rename this as their Obsession List, because these are the things they are completely obsessed with.

Also, the items should be listed correctly as what they truly are: Anti-hetero, anti-Christian, anti-traditional marriage and pro-systemic child murder/pro-pill.

It’s one thing if they would obsess on these things in the darkest corners and recesses of their blackened hearts, but instead they come after anyone who opposes these things like an aggressive cancer.

The interesting thing is how RWW is so eager to defend the same Muslims that would throw the nearest homosexual off a building just for being a homosexual. RWW would rather take the easy way out and pick on Christians and pro-lifers for simply stating their beliefs or attempting to practice their faith in all of their daily personal and professional dealings.

RWW is also busy keeping a list of Christian leaders and writers with whom they disagree. They think they are publicly shaming some of these conservative leaders in some kind of way, but it actually has the opposite effect. If someone asks me who they should make a contribution to at the end of the year, I always direct them towards RWW’s list of people. You can bet if RWW doesn’t like them, they’re alright in my book.

RWW is only copying what the Southern Poverty Law Center and other leftists have been doing already. While claiming to be looking out for the underdog, they are the agitators, whose specialty is igniting and stoking the fires of division.

I could easily put together a long list of left wing nuts that need to be watched closely. So if the left wants to play “right wing watch,” let’s play “left wing watch” in every corner of the country and the internet.

Rey Flores is a bilingual conservative speaker and writer and works as Director of Outreach for one of the premiere national pro-life organizations in the country. He has been published regularly in Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times publications and Crisis Magazine. He is also a regular contributor for Follow Rey on Twitter: @ReyFloresUSA and contact him at

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